30 Day Challenge

I have decided after watching the short video below that I will do a series of 30 day challenges which I hope will be interesting, enlightening, fun and challenging.

I will detail here ideas, progress, updates and write ups on how I found the 30 days. This should be an interesting experiment!

Current Challenge

Challenge 1 (14/01/2012 - 13/02/2012)

Run for at least 30 minutes every day - I have always wanted to improve my fitness (its nonexistant), so lets ease myself in using my first challenge! Not being an avid runner and the extent of my excise being squash once a week I have no idea if this is too easy or ambitious, so I have set myself a minimum target of 30 minutes to start. If I achieve longer times great and I may even increase the target. The 30 minutes doesn't have to be one 30 minute session as long as I achieve 30 minutes every day in total.

Day 1 - It appears this could be more of a challenge than I first thought. I have completed 10 minutes so far and I had to push a lot if it. Hour break and back out there - found a good 10 minute route to get me started.UPDATE Second 10 minute done, one more to go today!!UPDATE DONE!! That was harder that I first thought it was going to be! ALOT harder!


So what challenges am I going to do? I asked twitter, as the ideas come in, I will add here, as more come in I may get you to choose for me!
  • Go Vegetarian (from DannRead - Twitter)
  • Go Raw Vegan (from Raw Delights - Twitter)
  • Keep a journal (from Sulthana Begum - Twitter)
  • Join a knitting class (from Sulthana Begum - Twitter)
  • Paint a canvas (from Sulthana Begum - Twitter)
  • Photograph hope every day (from Sulthana Begum - Twitter)
  • Awake or sleep earlier (from Sulthana Begum - Twitter)

If you have ideas please let me know via one of my social network links above or Email

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