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The idea about the application is not to have complex alerts, feeds etc, just to have a text box you can enter your tweet in and submit.

GOAL: My aim is to enable the app to be out of the way, yet be feature rich for submission (linking and twitpic)


QKTwit Screen


Once you have logged in, simply type the message and click tweet. Double click on header for preferences

Key Mapping - Currently with message text area selected

Version History

Version 0.2.2 (Auto-update greatness) Features

Version 0.2.1 (First Authorised release) Features

Version 0.2 (First Hurdle) Features

Version 0.1 (The Start) Features

Coming in later version

See told you it was simple ;)


Supported Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux - Requires Adobe AIR V1.5

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