My Journey

My Journey starts today. I’m 28, nearing 30, I own a house with a mortgage in negative equity, I have debts and after a good number of years I have come to realise that the way my life has gone is not the way my life should have gone, but now FINALLY I have come to realise what my end goal in life should be.

I am starting this blog to express thoughts of my journey, gather feedback on my thoughts and progress but ultimately provide a resource for other people like myself who are in the same situation. I will make mistakes in my journey, but it’s the recovering and keeping the motivation going which is the key to any Journey.

I currently work in IT, as a programmer for a large software company.  I have been here for 11 years, and although I enjoy what I do, BUT I don’t leave work every day thinking ‘I have just made a difference’. My skills are mainly around IT, but have strong project/task management skills. I feel this is not the most ideal starting position.

I’m calling this my Journey because of the amount of work I have to do to accomplish the end task, to finally reach my final destination, to become a full-time humanitarian aid worker. I have done basic research, and I understand that it’s not easy to break into the aid working environment. ‘Why would anyone trust you when you have no experience’ is the general feeling that I get.

For the last 18 months I have been following a charity which I hold close to my heart. Restless Beings, the charity is relatively new but has a pro-active and dedicated team and the people behind the charity echo everything I believe in. They are truly inspirational.  After speaking to a good number of friends, family members and good acquaintances I finally took the step to approach the charity. If they agree to take me on as a team member it will give me a huge insight onto what it will take to progress the full distance of my journey while helping an amazing charity!

Next step I feel, is further investigation. What do I need to do to develop myself?  Who do I need to talk to?  How can I learn what is required? One thing I do know is this is what I have REALLY wanted to do my whole life.

I really hope you enjoyed reading, and I look forward to your comments, feedback and hopefully your support.

Dan :)

4 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Hey Daniel,
    Just wanted to say that was an inspirational read and want to wish you the best of luck in your new journey and aspirations. Look forward to reading about your experiences as you go along :)

  2. Finally. After a long wait. Can’t wait to travel on this journey with you.
    Keep at it.

    Peace & Blessings

    R x

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