The question that repeatedly asked to me is “Why aid work?” In my head it’s pretty clear, but explaining the reasons sometimes gets mixed reactions.

My reason for wanting to do aid work is a question that is deeper than it looks. For years it has been a burning desire of mine. I have always wanted to help other people. Anyone who knows me well enough would know that I would help with no complaints at a drop of a hat.

Now I can hear some of you saying “So you like helping people, but why aid work?”

I am a firm believer, that everyone in is born in this world are equal. Questions I commonly find myself asking myself are;
How come I can pop to the shop and buy paracetamol easily yet there are so many people who find getting the most basic of medication hard?
Why can I go turn a tap and have access to clean water, yet again so many people have to walk miles for water which may not even be clean?
How come I have access to all the food from all around the world yet so many people are starving due to lack of food?

These are all problems which can be improved with effort.

I have always had the desire to help people, its part of my nature.  I hate seeing sadness and sorrow, when I see people struggling all I want to do is help.  Aid work will be just taking these thoughts and feelings and talking them to the next level. I have never really been financially driven, I have for the most been driven by personal reward, feeling the sense of accomplishment and worth, I have no desire to be famous and little desire for be wealthy.  I get my satisfaction from the feelings that I have helped someone making their life just that little bit better.

The idea of giving up my luxuries and the material things in my life to help provide a better life to people who work so hard to so little sounds incredibly rewarding, It will not be easy but if the end result is improving someone else’s life and making even just the smallest of differences ending with a smile, then the hard work would pay off.

If you were lucky enough to catch the documentary which was aired in the UK on ITV called ‘The Life of Loss of Karen Woo’ or you have read any of the number of articles relating to aid workers going missing and being found murdered, you will know that doing aid work is in no way a safe job to do. Often aid would be needed in areas in which some kind of war is ongoing cutting off supplies. Some foreign aid worker providing supplies are not always welcome.

I watched the Karen Woo documentary already knowing that I wanted to undergo this journey, as I watched it I was hugely influenced by Karen and her desire to help. Karen Woo was a British doctor who was very driven by humanitarian aid work, she was part of a aid group providing medal care to a remote village on return they were ambushed and murdered (Source). Although attacks like these are rare, it highlights the dangers involved in this line of work. To many this would put them off, but I reacted much differently. It made me want to go help more, as strange this may sound to some people.  This feeling is very hard to explain, but I get the feeling that the people Karen and her team were trying to help needed them, they deserve the help they desire, and should be given it.  Possibly its a feeling of defiance, no one should stop the help getting through.

I hope this explains more of the why I want to do aid work and how I view things that stand in the way and the risks involved. This is how that I see aid work, as taking what I currently do to help people and taking that to the next level

Dan. :)

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