The point of realisation

I think if you are going to follow me on this journey I think its only fair if I share when I realised I need to do more.  As i have said before doing something along the line of aid work was been a thought for a good few years, but what kicked started me?

Im sure everyone has that song, speech or poem they hear or a book they read which makes them stop and think.  For me it was a song, when I first heard this song it made everything else in my world just stop, every line in the lyrics just brought a deeper connection with me.  The song stuck with me ever since, I listen to it often and will continue to do so.  I can honestly say this song changed me, made me realise that I have to stop thinking and start doing.

If this song hits a note with you, please do buy it, is a charity single raiding money for  Restless Beings, the track costs only 99p and 100% goes to the charity.

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